563rd Year of the Conquest of Constantinople (now Istanbul).

Rumi ForumPk held an exclusive roundtable discussion on the 563rd year of the Conquest of Constantinople (now Istanbul).

The discussion was presided by Prof. Dr. M. Naeem Qureshi, HEC Eminent Professor of History and among the discussants were Prof. Dr. Khurram Qadir (Distinguished Professor of History, QAU), Assoc. Prof. Hammad Husain (Head, Department of Architecture and Design COMSATS), Dr. Amineh A. Hoti (Executive Director, Center for Dialogue and Action – Markaz-e-Ilm), Dr. Samina Awan (Chairperson, Department of HIstory AIOU), Asst Prof Abdul Basit Mujahid (Lecturer, Department of History AIOU), Prof. Dr. Zafar Iqbal (Advisor COMSATS), and Mr. Ali Tariq (Editor/Consultant IRD IIUI).