About Rumi Forum

About Rumi Forum

Established with the sublime mission to foster inter-cultural dialogue and to provide a platform for education and information exchange, Rumi Forum takes its name from the 13th century Muslim scholar, luminary and Sufi, ‘Mevlana’ Jalaluddin Rumi, whose reach embraced all humanity as personified by his message drawn from the very essence of being an exemplary Muslim.

Jalaluddin Rumi’s universal message serves as the basis of the Rumi Forum’s mission, which is to facilitate national and international dialogue by promoting love to transform hate, understanding to prevent misinterpretation, flexibility against rigidity, and above all tolerance to overcome bigotry.

Drawing its dynamics from being tolerant to the extent that one’s bosom becomes wide like an ocean as per the real spirit of Islam commands to its believers, Rumi Forum applauds the good for their goodness; appreciates those who have believing hearts; is inspired with faith and love of human beings and spares not any troubled soul whom it does not offer a hand, and about whom it remains unconcerned.

Rumi Forum welcomes who has a desire to explore ‘the other’ in the spirit of the mutual respect and tolerance, with the principle of spending effort to find ways and more common ground among people and cultures working with many national and international academics, think tanks and universities.

Rumi Forum is completely non-partisan; however, in principle, supports activities pertaining to the better service to humanity such as promoting conflict resolution in and among our communities and nation. As such the Forum is committed to universal values of freedom justice and rights of all living beings.

As an academic center, Rumi Forum promotes research toward ways of developing inter-cultural dialogue and helps to relate the academic study of belief and schools of thought to intercultural activity by organizing panel discussions and reading circles.

As an educational center, the Forum encourages production of educational materials serving the purpose of intercultural dialogue and understanding.

As an information center, Rumi Forum aims to establish a database and be a major source of information on Rumi and build up a facility that can accommodate the network development needs of individuals or groups in various understandings.

As a coordination center, Rumi Forum strives to facilitate cooperation between people and groups who are actively engaged or plan to be engaged in intercultural work. The Forum organizes joint activities and tries to come to a mutual understanding of ways and techniques that will promote intercultural dialogue.

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