Afternoon Talk on Heart Care by Women’s Platform

Rumi Forum Women’s Platform Islamabad organized an afternoon talk in awareness of heart care and women on Saturday, November 15, 2014 at the Forum’s Islamabad Center Auditorium.

The talk was delivered by Dr. Nyla Durrani, Principal Health Officer, PAEC. Dr. Durrani explained about the general anatomy of the heart, with an emphasis on the nuances of anatomy in men and women. She also stated that women are exposed to the risk of heart attacks more than men and the symptoms of heart attacks differ among men and women.

Terming cardiac arrests in women as ‘ladykiller’, Dr. Durrani provided comparisons of the symptoms of cardiac arrests in both genders, explaining that contrary to men who have sudden crushing pain marking the crisis, women have symptoms of heart attacks that may be felt during more than one day.

The day’s proceedings concluded with a lively question-and-answer session and refreshments.