Chairman’s Message

Chairman’s Message

In a world which is smaller than ever and where people are now able to communicate with each other with ease, it is important for all of us to extend the bridges of dialogue and sit down at a table of equality to discuss what we have to offer with regards to our human universals.

The most urgent problems facing us at home and abroad today are characterized by our spiritual, humanistic aspects, rather than our economic and material properties. Today’s generations are anxious because their human faculties still yearn to be developed. Of necessity, they have not been able to share their spiritual gifts with one another, and have become uneasy due to this poverty of love.

As Rumi Forum, we believe in the necessity of embracing everyone and everything with love, and examine the world through the eyes cleansed by love. Rumi Forum’s mission and vision is summarized as, “Be so tolerant that your bosom becomes wide like the ocean. Become inspired with faith and love for others. Offer a hand to those in trouble and be concerned about everyone.

Applying this principle into our lives seems at both difficult and remarkably simple: It is difficult because it needs human consistency in our societies which are artificially and superficially divided into camps; it is easy because the ability to believe that everything contributes to one’s realization and the capacity to embrace everything with compassion is already existent in humankind and already a tenet in our faith.

In this respect, the spiritual profundity of Islam is an inexhaustible treasure for us. By evaluating this treasure correctly, we can help to establish a new world based on dialogue, love, accepting everyone for who they are, and love above all.

For this reason, we need to interact and be in dialogue; this is both an encouragement and a goal for all of us. In order to maintain this positive and progressive atmosphere and help it encompass our society and the world as one, there must be more exchange of ideas in the name of respect, love, and peaceful coexistence.



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