Ghazali Education Trust Visits Rumi Forum Lahore

Rumi Forum Lahore Chapter hosted the executives of the Ghazali Education Trust on an exclusive brunch on September 2, 2015.

Mr. Mesut Kacmaz, Chairman, Rumi Forum welcomed the delegation led by Mr. Syed Waqas Jafri, Director, Ghazali Education Trust and the CEO of Dar-ul-Arqaam Schools in Pakistan.

The delegation also included Mr. Liaquat Baloch, Secretary General JI and other officials of the Ghazali Education Trust and Dar ul Arqaam Schools. During the brunch, Mr. Mesut Kacmaz introduced the Rumi Forum and its activities throughout Pakistan. In addition, examples from the life and works of ‘Mevlana’ Jalaluddin Rumi and Allama Dr. Muhammad Iqbal were discussed with reference to the cultures and literature of Pakistan and Turkey – two brotherly countries.

Mr. Syed Waqas Jafri expressed that Ghazali Education Trust works in various social and youth platforms on non-profit basis. Ghazali Education Trust educates 70,000 students in 600 schools and in collaboration with the AFAQ, 120 titles on curriculum development, school improvement, and teacher training programs are organized among 50,000 affiliated schools.

Mr. Mesut Kacmaz stated that Pakistan has substantial advantage over many other countries in the world, by means of her young generation, geographic location and a promise for a better future through great incentives for education and social development. He also mentioned that three social evils i.e. ignorance, division, and poverty should be addressed with education, dialogue towards peaceful coexistence and entrepreneurship with a philanthropic sense.

The visit concluded with the exchange of souvenirs.