Media Platform

Rumi Forum Media Platform is a volunteer organization constituted for the purposes of generating thought and project, and for strengthening internal communications and interactions in the field of media.

Believing that the media can take on an important role for sustainable social peace, Rumi Forum Media Platform draws attention to the importance of the culture of living together by organizing national and international projects. The platform also supports the idea of peaceful coexistence, dialogue and a peaceful lifestyle by means of visual, audio, digital, social and print media.

Rumi Forum Media Platform endeavors for forming a consensus in the media within a framework of universal values like the freedom of the press, freedom of thought and expression, multiple voices in the press, democracy and human rights. With respect to understanding the changing world accurately and since it is vital to keep channels of communication open, to arrange meetings within and outside Pakistan for the purpose of providing a platform for journalists from Pakistan, Turkey and elsewhere to meet with their colleagues across the world. Within the frame of its activities, the platform strives for enabling those working with the print, visual, social, digital and audio as well as the Internet media to freely discuss and debate among themselves major topics like problems of different sectors, editorial independence, media and cultural literacy, and media ethics.

Forming effective channels of communication among the members of the international media who are on duty in Pakistan and the Pakistani media professionals, the platform also organizes periodical meetings in order for the participants to better understand Pakistan and Turkey in addition to various topics under discussion.

The activities and discussion groups of the Rumi Forum Media Platform includes, but not limited to:

– Being a columnist in Pakistan

– The Principles of Independent Journalism

– Violence in the Media

– Media Literacy

– Media’s Influence in Shaping and Neutralizing Perceptions

– Democratization and the Media

– The Discourse of Hate in the Media

as well as various conceptual meetings themed in history of Pakistan, Turkey and the world and periodically held and attended by media members to help develop a better understanding of current basic issues. Each meeting starts with a presentation by a specialist which is followed by a long Q&A session where issues are analyzed in depth.