Rumi Forum Participated the UN – JWF Geneva Conference

United Nations, Journalists and Writers Foundation, University of Geneva, and Dialog Institut organized an international peace conference on October 24, 2014 in Geneva, Switzerland. 800 participants from more than 50 countries discussed the principles of universal peace during the conference.

Rumi Forum was represented by Mr. Mesut Kacmaz, Chairman, at the conference.

Themed on “mobilizing civil society for building peace,” the conference was also followed by the diplomats of ten countries who have permanent representation in Geneva. The participants agreed on the five essentials for building peace i.e. justice and forgiveness, educational activities to nurture intercultural understanding, establishing positive peace institutes, inter-religious dialogue, and countering the discourse of hate by the discourse of peace in social media.

Also among the participants were Dr. Muhammad Raghib Hussain and Dr. Syed Muhammad Ashraf from Pakistan.

Journalists and Writers Foundation is accredited as the first and only organization in Turkey by the ECOSOC of the United Nations as general consultant for peace-building and intercultural understanding across the world.