Sacred Trusts Photo Exhibitions

Held since 2008 in more than 40 venues and frequented by approximately 40,000 people across Pakistan, The Sacred Trusts Photographic Exhibitions give a glimpse of the relics and revered trusts belonging to various figures in the history of Islam, most prominently Hz. Muhammad SallAllahu Alayhi Wasallam, as displayed in the Topkapi Palace Museum in Istanbul, Turkey.

Most of these are preserved in the Topkapi Palace Treasury Collection. The items that belonged prominently Hz. Muhammad SallAllahu Alayhi Wasallam are called Amanat (Trusts), while the items belonging to other great Muslims or sacred places are called Tabarrukat (Sacred Objects). Today, all the items are called Sacred Relics, but in the past they were registered as Blessed Relics (Al-Amanat-al-Mubaraka).

The photographs displayed at Rumi Forum’s Sacred Trusts Photographic Exhibitions which are held in universities, art galleries, schools, chambers of commerce and similar institutions and organizations arouse great interest among visitors.

The Sacred Relics were collected thanks to various historical manifestations of fate throughout centuries. This treasure passed to Turks piece by piece by efforts motivated by faith and sometimes by fortune. It is clear that they are not only sacred objects collected and preserved with a religious bond and love, and but are valuable by world standards artistically and historically as well. The care and traditional respect shown for the protection of these sacred objects so far has been infinite. As long as we exist, this sacred duty will be performed with love, respect, and honour.” [Tahsin Oz, Emanat-i Mukaddese (1953)]