The Life and Works of Ottoman Chief Architect Mimar Sinan


April 12, 2016

“Mimar Sinan, the 16th century master architect and chief administrator of public works under three Sultans, is the designer of the important masterpieces of superb Ottoman architecture. He embodied architecture and had a continual pursuit for aesthetics and elegance. His works have highlighted the magnificence of the most significant period of the Ottoman Empire.”


Architecture of postmodern Faisal Mosque is inspired by the Sinan’s breakthrough minaret design, the 16th century Ottoman architect par excellence. The Muslim genius’ influence spread to civil works across the Anatolia, the Subcontinent, Middle East, North Africa, and Eastern Europe,” Hammad Husain, a reputed architect, said while speaking to a select gathering of academics, artists and architecture students at the Rumi Forum’s Islamabad Chapter.


Mr. Suat Erguvan, Executive President of Rumi Forum, welcomed the audience by narrating short anecdotes from the life and works Ottoman Chief Architect Sinan.


Speaking about the contribution of Mimar Sinan (1491­1588), Hammad Husain elaborated upon the evolution of the mosque typology from the Masjid-e-Quba and the way God­gifted Ottoman architect played pivotal role in inspiring the modern­day architecture. In his opinion, Turkey’s Selimiye Mosque in Edirne remains the most fascinating religious space in the world for its visual impact, structural wonders and being the epitome of Islamic architecture.


When you look at the structure, one [sic] feels it’s light and afloat yet majestic,” he said. Hammad Husain pointed out that each dome, regardless of its size, was a source of light for inner space. “Throughout Sinan­designed mosques and compounds, uninterrupted free space and artistic use of natural light in the prayer hall not only made his works visually captivating, but also architecturally marvelous.”


During his presentation, Architect Hammad Husain also exhibited two short video documentaries on Sinan’s influence on world architecture and the inspiration for the Faisal Mosque.

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