Women’s Platform

Rumi Forum Women’s Platform is a voluntary organization that aspires to develop projects to find common solutions to not only of women, but of people in general in Pakistan and elsewhere.

Organizing in-house and outdoor seminars, round-table discussions and conference as well as collaborating with various higher educational institutions and special interest groups, the Platform nurtures dialogue and peaceful coexistence within the common denominator of “being a human being first and then being a woman.”

Rumi Forum Women Platform advocates the protection of human rights without discrimination among people of religion, language, race, sect or gender, and helps to foster and strengthen love, empathy, family values, positive action, constructive participation of women in society and respect among people.

In addition to encouraging the protection and proliferation of family values, the Platform also endevaours for preserving cultural values for the purpose of giving consciousness to the society. With this respect, it upholds any project that aims to prevent any harm to the unity and integrity of society or groups in society.

The scope of Rumi Forum Women’s Platform activities includes, but not limited to:

– Family seminars on the topics like modern challenges to the family in Pakistan and the World; illustrious women from the history of Pakistan, the World and Islam; women and family in national and world literature; sharing roles in the family; the family and violence; effective communication techniques; the media and the family in regard to morality; the psychological and moral value of marriage; child education; the basic principles of inner family communication; the conservative family in Pakistan, Turkey and the World in regard to modernization; the disabled and the family; the culture of Sufism and the family; Gleams from Rumi’s Mathnawi for the family; the model of family in Pakistan, Turkey and the modern world;

– Cooking classes showcasing and teaching the Turkish cuisine;

– Turkish language courses;

– Book clubs;

– Coffee conventions;

– Organizing academic sessions on the issues of social sciences and women studies;

– Participating in national and international seminars, conferences, discussions and colloquiums.

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