Youth Platform

Rumi Forum Youth Platform is a volunteer organization constituted for the purposes of generating thought and project, and for strengthening interactions among the youth.

The platform aspires to help young minds to express themselves in a constructive platform and define issues relating to peace and tranquility at individual and social level, value systems that sustain a society and skills that positively impacts national development.

In this context, the Rumi Forum Youth Platform singly and jointly organizes various in-house and external functions such as round-table discussions, youth camps, afternoon talks, seminars, conferences, and orientation sessions. In this way, university students have opportunities to exchange ideas with their peers from national and global levels.

The platform encourages discussions and research on social issues that define challenges and opportunities at individual, social, national, regional, and global level in terms of civic and universal education, social welfare, culture, peaceful coexistence, conflict resolution, international relations, and health.

Programs organized by the Platform are for nurturing an understanding of national and international cultures and beliefs with a constructive mindset. They also help networking and capacity building, increased participation and exchange of good practice, and establishing projects towards social needs with a specific focus on youth and youth related subjects.

The participants of the Rumi Forum Youth Platform believe that individuals who have a greater understanding of global issues and the importance of cross-cultural dialogue and cooperation will positively contribute to achieving solutions to global challenges and issues.